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Investment in technology generating results

Railroads face the constant challenge of improving profitability while lowering their capital expenditure budgets and increasing safety. Among the critical factors for success to achieve these goals include defining the correct Key Performance Indicators and the capabilities to control and continuously improve processes. Alta Rail Technology combines proven rail management know-how with state-of-the-art rail technologies to support railroads in meeting the challenge.

Alta Rail Technology offers two solution suites which together encompass the entire production cycle of a railroad company:

Solutions diagram

Smart and Simple Centralized Train Control is a solution developed for railroads which operates on non-signalized areas assuring CTC similar productivity with much smaller investment.

Alta Perfomance Management Suite

The Alta Performance Management Suite (APMS) is a set of applications thatsupport the continuous improvement of railroad...

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Enhanced Train Control

Alta Enhanced Train Control (AETC) is a highly cost-effective solution whichcombines on-board technology and control...

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Today’s railroads are increasingly challenged to improve profitability while lowering capital expenditures...

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