The Company

The idea that led to the creation of ART started to take form within the technology group of the former America Latina Logística (ALL), one of the largest logistics companies in Latin America.

In 2013, ART spins-off from ALL with the participation of Darby, an American private equity fund, and acquires two other Brazilian technology companies: Daiken Railways (specialist in industrial automation) and Engesis (software developer).

Consolidated with more than 20 years of experience in the railway sector, ART is the first Brazilian company in this segment to develop SIL2 and SIL4 systems for metro-railway applications.

An innovative company, offering world class technology and process-oriented consulting through ARM –  ARM – Alta Rail Management.


Provide railway technologies to increase safety, productivity, and the profitability of our customers.


To be the most complete technology company for railway operation and management.


  • Customer always in 1st place.
  • Transparency and ethics.
  • Value people by their contribution.
  • Quality in everything it does.
  • Growing profitability.

What we do

More than products: solutions for all phases of freight and passenger railway transport

ART solutions are the result of technology developed by specialists with experience in the railway segment. ART offers attractive solutions for each stage of the railway production cycle:

Our philosophy

Results as principles

The goal of Alta Rail Technology is to generate results for the customer within three pillars:


  • Transit Time Optimization.
  • Capex Reduction.
  • Improve ROIC.
  • Metrics and reports to enable continuous improvement.
  • Systems integration.
  • Asset planning and control.
  • Support crews to enhance train driving.


  • Speed ​​control, electronic fence, and train positioning.
  • Reduction of failure rates.
  • Accident prevention.
  • Compliance with regulation.

Cost Reduction

  • Optimization of fuel consumption.
  • Comprehensive Cost-Efficient System.
  • Online data analytics tools.
  • Equipment Consolidation

ART Quality Policy

ART is an ISO 9001 certified company applying the QMS as an organizational management tool to guarantee constant control and process effectiveness, focusing on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


The ART quality policy is:


“Provide railway technologies, seeking continuous improvement in meeting customer demands and expectations, as well as compliance with product, customer, normative and/or regulatory requirements.”

Our trajectory

ART continues on its path, building new paths of success with its customers and partners.

ART continues on its path, building new paths of success with its customers and partners.