Railway that manages the transport of cargo and passengers:

  • Average loss of 20% per year in cargo transportation;
  • Railways transporting only 5% of all cargo in the country;
  • Idle rolling stock;
  • High rate of accidents.


Along with investments in infrastructure, rolling stock, and processes, the ART team used its technologies and solutions throughout the entire Wagon Cycle to reverse the scenario described:

  • Train Control System – several systems that act directly on the locomotives;
  • PX (Planning and Execution) – train planning and control allows you to control the timetable, restrict speeds, carry out interdictions and plan movement before sending routes;
  • APVIS Portal – pre-processing of all trips identifying operational situations of interest to the railway;
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of the operation and its variables;
  • OBC (On-Board Computer).


The results were already noticed in the commissioning phase.In the last four years, cargo transportation has grown 133%, due to improvements such as:

  • Reduction of accidents in rolling stock, due to greater control provided by the atp functionality (automatic train protection);
  • Improvement in railway availability and consequent increase in rolling stock productivity;
  • Reduction of costs related to accidents;
  • More effective and less expensive communication, thanks to digital channels.