ART provides solutions that touch the entire production cycle of a railroad. The flexible solutions are helping customers to increase safety, improve productivity and optimize costs on rail operations around the globe.

Data collection and analysis to support decision making.

Anticipates unforeseen events, mitigating risks and automating corrective actions.

Agile and profitable railway: cost reduction and productivity increase with a reliable operation.

How our technologies
can help your company

Train control
and dispatch

A solution that allows information exchange between the crew and Rail Operations Center. It also increases safety acting according to tracks’ condition and railway rules.

  • Set speed control
  • Notifies and assist the crew in case of occurrences.

In-cab solutions like electronic fence and speed control to ensure the safety of the operation, while providing data to improve the productivity of the operation.

  • Communication through multiple channels, cellular network, radio, and satellite.
  • Modern and intuitive interface.
  • Compliant with international standards.

Onboard technologies

Management of targets
and consumption

Solutions that work together with onboard technologies to make the operation more efficient, and more sustainable.

  • Provides the crew with information about the trip.
  • Set goals (fuel consumption, average speed, and transit time).

It consolidates and analyzes data obtained by the on-board equipment during, creating an environment for feedback and continuous improvement.

  • Notification of occurrences.
  • Identification of driving profiles.

Trip analysis

Mobile – for light vehicles
and track inspectors

Mobile applications designed to increase the safety and productivity of road maintenance workers. They make communication between the vehicles and the control center more agile, sharing information about positioning, track occupation, and work orders.

  • Works on tablets or smartphones.
  • Affordable solutions.

EOT device to monitor train integrity.

  • Well maintained trains mean safe operation.
  • Remote braking and opening of emergency valve.
  • Integration with on-board computer.

Integrity of the train

Planning and

Optimization solutions to increase train average speed.

  • Capacity increase.
  • Improvement in on-time/SLA indicators with customer, train stop time, and fuel consumption.

Rail management solutions to support crew scheduling, improve dwell time, optimize track maintenance and asset control.

  • Decrease car cycle time.
  • Decrease car dwell in the yard.
  • Real time monitoring of the yard conditions.
  • Improve productivity in yard operations.
  • Detection and prioritization of track and locomotives maintenance activities.
  • Crew selection based on historical data and system scores.

Yard & crew management
and track maintenance