Cargo and passenger railway:

  • Low availability of the locomotive fleet;
  • High failures rate in operation, affecting transit-time;
  • Maintenance processes in outdated workshops;
  • Reduced traffic capacity.


Through a turnaround project, ARM experts implemented solutions to restructure the management of the main workshop, using the 5S methodology:

  • New failure analysis and treatment process, with maintenance planning;
  • On-the-job training;
  • New layouts for the main workshop;
  • Implementation of new maintenance and safety procedures;
  • Introduction of new KPIs and strict auditing;
  • Follow-up of the development of the solutions in the operation;
  • Implementation of new layouts for the central locomotive workshop.


There were significant improvements in a short term, in just 6 months the company had obtained payback:

  • Reduction of 25% in locomotive failures;
  • Increase of 10% in fleet availability.