Railway focused on cargo transportation:

  • Volumes moved below budget;
  • Wagon productivity lower than the standard seen in other railways;
  • Communication gaps between operation and control center.


Considering this scenery, the ARM team of specialists developed a project focused on improving the productivity of wagons, implementing the following actions in the pilot area:

  • Identification of gaps in the operation and benchmarking with the best practices of other railways;
  • Assessment in the operational yards, planning and execution areas of the Control Center;
  • Redesign of planning and operation processes centered on the Wagon Cycle, to increase productivity;
  • New process (Production Meeting) in the yards and Control Center;making communication between areas more efficient;
  • New KPIs managed daily;
  • Training of personnel to use the PDCA-based methodology.


In just 4 months the first results appeared. In the end, improvements were registered such as:

  • In the pilot area:
    • Costs reduction of 22% in the wagon cycle;
    • 26% increase in transported volume, using the same amount of assets;

    In the rollout of the project in more corridors:

    • Payback in just 4 months;
    • ROI of 328% after one year of the project.